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Commercial publishing is about desiring to write what New York desires to publish.
Everything else is self-publishing.


An Intensive Novel Workshop and Retreat in 2018
"There is no better novel workshop than this one." - Author Wendy Eckel
The Algonkian Park Retreat and Novel Workshop

Algonkian Writer Conferences host the most successful and pragmatic events for writers and authors who desire to break into major commercial markets. If you are skeptical, stop by our New York Pitch Conference website and review the contracts and commentary. If you remain skeptical afterwards, please go somewhere else. There are plenty of standardized conference events out there just waiting to take your money.

Our goal is to realistically increase your odds of becoming a published commercial author by showing you how to inhabit that upper percentile of writers who will have their work taken seriously by professionals in the business. We don't believe good writers are born. We believe they are made by virtue of their tenacity and ability to learn and grow.


At Algonkian events, the critical advice you receive regarding market positioning, story premise and plot, character arc and evolution, competitive narrative voice, and all else, is provided by professionals only. Unlike most writer workshops and all MFA programs, we do not subject writers to amateur peer critique.

You also receive comprehensive pre-event assignments and readings as well as access to a story-building online assignment forum; and at the conclusion, we brainstorm publication plans for all our writers. And btw, no one pitches a pro without having learned and practiced the art of the pitch beforehand. See our "Frequently Asked Questions" page on our Algonkian Writer Conferences website for more information on what makes us unique.


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About Us
Website www.algonkianconferences.com
Year Established 2002
Program Description Pre-event assignments, daily workshops, homework & pitch training, agent/editor feedback, market study, publication plan. All genres at Algonkian Writer Conferences, and the New York Pitch Conference.
Number of Programs/Year 10-12
Program Length 3-5 days
Group Size or S:T Ratio 15-60 per event / 1/15 ratio
Program Focus Publishing, Fiction, Humor, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Poetry, Young Adult, Autobiography/Memoir, Non-fiction, Children's
Faculty Authors, agents, editors, including Brendan Deneen, Robert Olen Butler, Kimberley Cameron, Lyssa Keusch, Robert Bausch, Michael Neff, Tina Wexler, Jackie Cantor, Susan Breen, Caitlin Alexander, Michael Braff, Paula Munier and more.
Costs $595-$2850 with some including lodging, meals, materials.
U.S. Locations San Diego & San Francisco, California
New York, New York
Algonkian Park & Richmond, Virginia
Months Year round
Sponsor's Calendar Link www.algonkianconferences.com/
Sponsor's Facebook Page www.facebook.com/AlgonkianWriterConferences
Contact Michael Neff
Director/Chief Editor
Algonkian Writer Conferences/New York Pitch Conference
2020 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, #443
Washington, DC 20006
United States
Phone: 1-800-250-8290
E-Mail: editor@algonkianconferences.com


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